Prevention of Kidney Stones Through Diet

Kidney stones are not actual stones, like those you can pick off the ground or skip across water These are called stones, however, because of how they appear and how they feel like when passing through the body. Kidney stones are hard crystal deposits of minerals that are formed inside the kidney. They are usually yellow or brown in color and can be composed of different minerals, depending on the cause of the said stone formation. Kidney stones form mainly due to a person’s diet and the kidneys efficiency when performing its primary function – which is to clean and filter the bloodstream. As the blood gets screened, several by-products of the body’s digestion get filtered and can turn into clumps. These stones start out as tiny crystals that are to be excreted naturally with urine. However, a person who doesn’t drink much water or take in lesser amounts of liquids than advised may have difficulty in dissolving these tiny clumped crystals which further leads to forming even bigger crystals that might passageways causing a block in the urine passageways or even an infection in the kidney itself. The different kinds of kidney stones are formed are rooted in its cause. Calcium stones are mainly caused by eating food high in oxalates, Vitamin D, and calcium in itself. Cystine stones are hereditary, which means if any of your parents have it then it could be passed on easily. Struvite stones are common with cases of kidney and urinary infections. Uric …

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